Our Origin Story…How Moonkist Came to Be

Welcome to Moonkist

IMG_1860 copyMy name is Gena Robinson, an admirer of beautiful things and a collector of hobbies. But metalworking…that is my true passion!

I started cutting cabochons when I was 12 years old. Then, as a teen, I worked in a gallery and jewelry store for several years, and studied silversmithing with the bench jeweler. Years later, I took further classes at Earthspeak Arts in Asheville, NC. I also taught beginning silversmithing classes for 3 years.

I have been addicted to making adornment in all its many forms for as long as I can remember. I love the challenges of working with metal, and the permanence. There’s a special thrill in creating pieces that will be around to bring joy for years!

IMG_1810 HSI have to tell you, I have a muse who wanders by occasionally and demands my obedience. I’ll wake up at 3 am, flip on my bedside lamp, and grab sleepily for my sketchbook to scratch out the idea that have taken hold of my brain. Of course, I prefer her middle of the night demands to when she strikes while I’m in the shower!

IMG_1886 copy.jpgMy studio is my favorite place in the world. On the wall beside my bench, I tape up images of things that inspire me – art, architecture, images from the area I live in, nature, dancers and gymnasts, classic cars, and calligraphy. I usually have studio company as I work – we have several rescue pets that take shifts keeping a watchful eye on my activities. My friends gift me with new metalworking tools as gifts…a habit I’m completely in love with! Luckily, I just bought a new house with a larger studio space, so I have plenty of room as Moonkist continues to grow!

Moonkist Designs grew out of my love of clean, bold lines and my enchantment with all types of metal. I love the curve, shine, and textures that can be achieved with metal – so much so that many of my pieces feature no stones at all. I love symmetry, and well-balanced asymmetrical shapes. I also enjoy doing custom design and creation – I love the process of working with someone to create exactly what they have in their mind!

Gold and Silver Woven Set With Sapphire Filligree Used  08_06_15

In 2014, when I started to update Moonkist Designs for Christmas, it became obvious that it had grown into two stores that had gotten shoved into one tiny space – a wedding jewelry store and a fashion jewelry store. So, we opened a new store on Etsy, called Moonkist Creations, which gave us enough room to let some of these wonderful pieces see the spotlight, and to offer some new designs. You can find Moonkist Creations here.

Then, we opened the “doors” on Moonkist Gallery in the fall of 2015 when the physical gallery I had been showing pieces in for many years had to close their doors. This has been a wonderful experience, and has allowed me the freedom to offer some truly unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. You can find Moonkist Gallery here.

Moonkist has been an adventure, and our family continues to grow. We look forward to introducing everyone to you in the weeks to come!


About moonkistdesigns

I'm a resident of upstate South Carolina, and live with a spoiled and opinionated Doberman named Remington, a Chihuahua mix who thinks she is a Doberman, and several really rotten cats! I have a muse that wakes me up with jewelry designs in the middle of the night, and a studio that is my favorite place in the world. I first began my jewelry career when I was 10. I started out cutting cabochons (they're the rounded-non faceted stones) at the local gem and mineral club in Augusta, GA. When I turned 14, I took silversmithing and fabrication lessons from a local bench jeweler, and I've been making jewelry ever since! From 2005-2008 I taught beginning silversmithing at Earthspeak Arts Jewelry school in Asheville, NC. In 2008, I started Moonkist Designs and now I enjoy creating artisan crafted mixed metal jewelry! Please visit our store at www.moonkistdesigns.com; or our Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/moonkistdesigns, www.etsy.com/shop/moonkistcreations, or www.etsy.com/shop/moonkistgallery.
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