Gena Robinson

Designer and Jeweler for Moonkist Designs


I’m a resident of upstate South Carolina. I live with my loving husband, 2 small spoiled dogs, and 4 large spoilled rotten cats!

I first began my jewelry career when I was 10. I started out cutting cabochonds (they’re the rounded-non faceted stones) at the local gem and mineral club in Augusta, GA. When I turned 14, I took silversmithing and fabrication lessons from a local bench jeweler, and I’ve been making jewelry ever since!

From 2005-2008 I taught beginning silversmithing at Earthspeak Arts Jewelry school in Asheville, NC.

In 2008 I started Moonkist Designs, and now I enjoy creating handmade artisan mixed metal jewelry with imagination!

  • Female
  • Born on June 19

Favorite materials

sterling silver, reticulation silver, copper, brass, semiprecious gem stones, precious gem stones, dichroic glass, beads, circuit boards, postage stamps


One Response to About

  1. Don Hedrick says:

    My girlfriend and I would like to see your work in person. She is having a hard time choosing her engagement ring because your work is so good. I love the Mokume Gane Wedding Band, I’ve never seen anything like it. We live in Va Beach and would love to drive down to S.C, (I lived in Charleston for a few years and would love to take Sherrie there as well) If you allow folks to come see your work in person please contact me at donhedrick@hotmail.com

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